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Out of the Darkness and Into the Light...Maybe
Find yourself, cause I can't find you. Be yourself, who are you?
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~~Monday~~15th-January-2007 11:12 pm - but its you i fell into
Well, I think today is a pretty good day for an update. Not that I'm going to type much. I just kinda wanna have a post on today's date I suppose. X.x idk.

Mexico was a blast. Fun stuff, o.O lots of 'drama' (if that's what you want to call it), and surf! What more could you ask for, eh? Learned alot down there actually, some stuff about people, and a lil bout myself even I guess... (<--- overly dramatic and cliche sounding) I think, I kinda know what I want outta life, just a lil bit more. x.X idk.

So I'm seeing weather below freezing weather for the 2nd time since being up here. It's so wierd walking outside and seeing icicles everywhere. It's so pretty out up here this time of year. And really fsckin' cold.

My roommates family came for the weekend and took us out to lunch. Wasn't too bad. I like her family. Her sister Lark is cool. And her parents are pretty funny. *nods*
~~Wednesday~~13th-December-2006 11:19 pm - do you got what?
Spent most of the day today getting ready to go home. My roommate just like... left. Like half of the stuff in the fridge is hers and I don't know what to do with it. X.x Today's been a freakin' weird ass day that's all I gotta say. (Yes! Rhyming!)

I get to go to mex soon~ <3
~~Tuesday~~12th-December-2006 10:24 pm - tell me how i should feel
This is Victoria's a dumb ass week. I start out by going to the wrong professor's final on Monday. Almost freakin' finish the test and realize that I'm in the wrong place. So I took 2 Algebra finals. =)

I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas. So lemme know what you want. o.- Got mah lil bro a TSU basketball shirt but that's all the shopping I've done.

^_^' I somehow managed to score the roll of TIFT hostess for next year. Didn't think I would get it cause I ain't really 'hostess' material or anything. All the girl's in the past are all like.. like.. modelish and stuff. And Vic is no model. :p But I'm still pretty stoked about it.

So Pj's been in a crappy mood the past couple of days n all and instead of helping and trying to cheer him up I go and say something really dumb that made him feel worse. X.x I don't even know where it came from like, I just said it w/o thinking and as soon as I sent it I was like GD it. >.< I don't know how to say I'm sorry without making it sound all dumb and fake, and my roommate's too busy like, watchin' Power Rangers so I can't really ask her what I should do.. >.> I dunno I'll figure it out or something something. It's the bad karma thing working again.

Two more days and I'm headin' home. Hope there's surf~
~~Thursday~~7th-December-2006 12:31 am - what im lacking
This is a really pretty header for LJ btw. Just thought I'd say that right off the bat. But anyways, I'm done with classes til Monday. Actually, I'm done with classes this semester period. Finals start for me on Monday. So I have 4 days to sit back and do whatever... or study... which ever.

Now this week has really sucked ass. ^_^ But I'm laughing now. It still sucks, but it's a 'funny' kinda of suck.

a good laugh or something like that

Throwin' that up there for shits and giggles... talk about bad timing. Kinda topped my night. But it was funny, at my expense if you will. o.- Heh.. poor bunny's in Ronfaure didn't have a chance after that. I have a notion to post that up on the LS forum.
~~Monday~~4th-December-2006 10:20 pm - all these things that i've done
Well today was shitty to say the least. Couldn't get like.. any of the classes I wanted for next semester. Freakin' stayed up til 1 am for nothing. And now I have a shitty schedule for next semester... Only 16 hrs when I really wanted 18. None of the CIS courses I should be taking are open... Except for Intro to Visual Basic. I swear I think I'm failing Algebra too. Math is my subject, and I'm failing. Like wtf? GD shitty proffessor.

Took a 2 hour nap earlier today. Was nice, but now I'll be up all night. Don't have class til 6 tomorrow though.

People keep pissing me off and its making me wonder what the hell is going on now. I think it's time to go back home again. Next semester's going to be a bitch.

I started up a FFXI blog so I don't have to look at that shit here anymore. Too bad I ain't ready to give out the link and share it with the world yet.

>.> I feel like hitting things.
Thank you. Come again.